{Sn0w "HABIT/Hussie" Jonathan Rose Alexander}
Petite, cosplayer, singer, actor/voice actor, sketcher, proud cross-dresser.
I'm AZstuck, obsessed with dolls, puppets, and robots, and am a juggalo.
The short version of this story is that I consider myself to be androgynous, or gender-fluid, but I tend to dress a bit more feminine on a daily basis. The longer story is that while I identify more with a boy, I'm sort of in the gray area of being some sort of transgender. Androgyny just seems to work the best for me, I suppose. I appreciate masculine pronouns, but I'm not really too picky about that sort of thing. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
I'm.. Pretty shy. I have pretty bad anxiety, and it sorta affects how I act in certain situations. I've been hurt more times than I can count, and threatened probably more times than that. People scare me. But I'm nice, I swear! Paranormal things interest me, and acting is my passion. I love to sing, and to cosplay as well! Cosplaying is probably my lot in life. ^^

23rd September 2013

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Something glitched on my dash, and this happened.

Something glitched on my dash, and this happened.

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